Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Merritt College Drawing Marathon 12.05.2010

Another set of short poses from this past sunday's Bay Area Models Guild drawing marathon, this time held at The Merritt College in Oakland, CA.

Once again, the models they had were top knotch - there were quite a few that were really challenging to draw. Several stages were set up for particular pose lengths; 1-2 minutes, 5-10 minutes, 20 minutes and 25 minutes. I stayed with the short poses. I got me tons of drawings that took several hours to sift through and pick the ones that I'm quite happy with.

1-2 minute poses of Leah

1-2 minute poses of Carrie

1-2 minute poses of various
male and female models

This was the final drawing marathon held by BAMG (Bay Area Models Guild) for 2010 and so far, the largest crowd of artists I've ever drawn with in a single (full day) session. There were artists of all types ranging from simple sketchers like me, to painters and sculptors. Good energy overall and fun environment.

Next one's in February 27th, 2011... See you there!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Palo Alto Drawing Marathon 11.21.2010

5-10 minute poses

I'm finally able to attend the Palo Alto Drawing Marathon. Here's a select few from the session. The poses I have here range between 5-10mins I think... I was moving around a lot. Heck of a time to show up for an all day drawing session after months of no practice though. Ugh... can't believe how rusty I got. Still, it was a lot of fun.
The models are members of the Bay Area Models Guild and they are fantastic. My friend Katherine Burness is a member and was posing in the second half of the session (that's her on the top right and the one directly beneath it). I look forward to more sessions like this.

I believe this guild is having another drawing marathon on December 5th at Merritt College in Oakland. Let's see if I can make this one and end 2010 in a good, artistic note!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

It's been a while

 (Random warm-up sketches)

(Various "Soldier" poses from Trion's
figure drawing workshop)

July was the last time I posted anything from figure drawing workshops. There simply isn't enough time in a day to do everything. Between my martial arts training and work schedule, drawing kinda took a back seat for the time being.

Our game "Rift: Planes Of Telara" is due for release sometime next year. So everyone including myself are really hammering down to deliver the most kick-ass and polished assets ever seen in an mmorpg. Since everyone is now busier than usual, Trion's figure drawing sessions have also been put on temporary hold until we ship. The "soldier" was the last model I've drawn and the last session I attended.

I still try to make it out to Dr. Sketchy's each month just to keep my drawing muscles in check and I actually attended last month. I'm just bummed that I wasn't able to draw anything worth putting up from the last workshop.

Friday, October 8, 2010


I know... this blogspot is supposed to be about artsy sketches, drawings and illustrations. But this time around I figgered I'd post something much more better... Photos of PUMPKINS!!

That's right... Happy autumn y'all! I've been living in the San Francisco Bay for about 2 years now. I don't recall the trees around here changing into the season's spectacular colors. Then one day I decided to go to the local Wholefoods Market for lunch in San Mateo and find these beauties.

I swear, I don't think I've ever seen pumpkins in colors other than orange - I've seen those "splotchy" ones that have a bit of green, light yellow, etc. on them... but grey? Maroon? White? That's just crazy talk!

I sometimes miss good photo-ops like these 'cause I seldom carry my Canon G11 camera - Luckily I had my samsung captivate with me. With really good lighting, this smartphone takes pretty decent looking pics. If I didn't have to hurry, grab some eats and run back to the studio, I would just hang out here snapping pics for the rest of the day. I don't have any pics of it, but there were pumpkins there the size of pilates exercise balls! There were cars parked too closely, so I decided not to take any pics of them. Maybe I'll go back later and snap a few if they're still there.

I dunno why, but when I caught a glimpse of these pumpkins, it was a really heart warming feeling. Autumn here is pretty blah - no leaves changing colors to signal the change of seasons. Not really anyway. Makes me miss Chicago even more, as well as the east coast. Taking pictures of these pumpkins made my day a little more enjoyable.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Dr. Sketchy's 07.20.2010

3-5 minute poses

Another really fun workshop at Dr. Sketchy's at the Minna Gallery. The models were the burlesque trio called Sister Kate. So far, these ladies have the best costumes I think. The sketching part though was rather disappointing... 'cause I was torn between drawing and taking pictures. They just looked so good on stage! The dance routine they did balancing a sword on their heads was tops! Check out the video below.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Trion Figure Drawing 07.14.2010

3-5 minute poses

Select short poses of Katherine from our latest drawing session. Our group's favorite model, she's always a lot of fun and a challenge to draw. I'm lucky to get out a couple of decent sketches of her each time she models for us.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Official Game Site: Rift Planes Of Telara

Click "Rift: Planes Of Telara"  to visit our game's official homepage. Check out trailers and other media.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Dr. Sketchy's 05.15.2010

Man, it has been a while since I last put up some sketches; these past two and a half months I've been so focused on hitting our milestones for E3. The extra effort paid-off of course, but it left me little or no time for anything else. I'm basically just starting to get back into drawing again this week.

So, first order of business is to hit Dr. Sketchy's Anti-Art school Workshop at San Francisco's 111 Minna Gallery. This evening's models were a couple of burlesque performers; a petite Asian woman who calls herself Mynx D'Meanor and a voluptuous blonde named Flame Cynders.

I went ahead and used prismacolor cool gray markers instead of lead or wax pencils.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Rift: Planes Of Telara

(The playable Bahmi warrior that I'm currently animating for the game)

Trion Worlds has finally unveiled our flagship mmo title to the public, "Rift: Planes Of Telara." Formerly titled "Heroes Of Telara," it's been getting a lot of great press these past few days. We still got plenty of work to do to make it look and play awesome (even though many people already think so). In the meantime, here are some links announcing the game.

It's been an exciting week!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Metamorphica - 02.26.2010

The first Metamorphica figure drawing workshop this year was great! Led by Anastazia Louise, Bad Unkl Sista yet again delivered fantastic performances to the tunes played by Fkir Elderfae and other musicians, not to mention Nadia Mogilev's efforts in organizing such a workshop for us artists, students and professionals alike.

I'd say one of my biggest struggle during these workshops is not so much the drawing part itself... but trying to juggle the damned camera to get a good shot and then switching to drawing the models after they settle down. The length of the poses varies between 3 minutes to 20 minutes, depending on the model. Since they are butoh performers, they do a bit of "dancing" or some kind of expressive movements before posing for the artists.

As far as drawing medium, this time around I opted to use prismacolor fine liners and grey markers. I recall the last metamorphica I attended was quite crowded and I came with an 11x14 newprint pad and some pencils and had to sit on the floor, which made the experience a tad uncomfortable. Expecting the same, I figured I'm gonna have to draw smaller and with something that didn't require constant sharpening.

Ive recently started experimenting with different mediums, first with pastel sticks. But, It yielded rather disappointing results since I didn't really know how to properly draw with them. Gonna have to practice a few times more before I post something decent in that medium. So for this workshop, fineliners and markers it is.

The format of the workshop had changed - instead of a front and center stage, the entire floor of the studio became the stage, so artists had to get up and move around to get the best angle possible for their sketches. It was a lot of fun and allowed for more interaction with other artists. The preformers also got "in your face" and interacted with the artists as they drew. It was such a cool experience.

I am truly humbled and proud to be in the presence of such talented artists. Their commitment to their craft help fuel my drive to become better at figure drawing. Another workshop is being planned for April, so I expect to be posting up more images from that event. I can hardly wait.

Photos from this workshop can be found in my facebook photo album and flickr pages.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Trion Figure Drawing February 2010

Well, the figure drawing sessions at work are certainly off to a good start this year - finally got myself a portable easel, so I'll be drawing upright again. This month we're introduced DeCoy Gallerina, a professional dancer and a fantastic costumed model.

DeCoy Gallerina,3-5 min poses

DeCoy Gallerina, 20 min pose

You can check out DeCoy Gallerina's video on Youtube.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

I haz returned... with figger drawings!!

Well, it's been a crazy year 2009. Lots of milestones to hit at Trion (and still no mandatory unpaid overtime, unlike some game development studios). As busy as I was with work, I somehow managed to squeeze in extra curricular activities which include my return to training in martial arts and attending drawing workshops. Tough year, but rewarding.

So, here's a few of those drawings, some from the workshops and others from work. I'll post more later from upcoming drawing workshops.

The Minna Gallery regularly hosts live model drawing workshops once every month. The models range from burlesque dancers, stage performers and in this case, Roller Derby girls. It's a pretty casual setting, with a bar where you can get alcoholic beverages and nice music playing in the background. Though it can be a bit loud with the music and all the chatter going on, it's still a nice venue to mingle with fellow artists and meet new people.

I have to admit, the Roller Derby girls were rather "cute" - they've never posed for a drawing class before and standing still for 3-5 minutes on roller skates is mad hard, but I thought they did a good job in maintaining dynamic poses for us.

Next are from Metamorphica, a drawing workshop hosted by the performance troupe Bad Unkl Sista. These models wear amazing costumes and their movements are pretty out of this world, almost like creatures from another planet. I hope to attend the next one.
These selections are from the after hours drawing class at work. These are drawings from "good" models. This past session,we had a particularly fantastic nude model by the name of Katherine Burness. She became an instant favorite and we hope she'll return for more drawing sessions. Hands down, THE best live model I've gotten to draw since moving out here in the Bay area.But first, we have to try out a few more models and compile a list of favorites, which now includes Katherine and another gentleman we had prior to her.

3-5 minute poses, with Katherin Burness.

3-5 minute poses with various female models.

20 minute pose with Katherine Burness. She really liked this one so I gave her a scanned copy, which she put up on her website.

10 minute pose with a 50 year old male nude.

Well, that's all I've got for now. I hope to post more from upcoming drawing classes in the coming weeks.

- Ciao.