Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Character Designs

Here's a compilation of some of my character designs - some made for specific projects and others just personal work.

Some design work for a project based on the Chinese legend of the Monkey King,
Journey to the West.

These are facial tattoo designs called sefir that I came up with at the last minute for Trion's mmorpg RIFT. The sefir are the signature tattoos of the Bahmi race, which contain magical properties. I worked primarily as a character animator on RIFT, but I lent a hand at doing some concept work when this particular character's final look languished for months, all the way until final art lock.

 Some cartoon dinosaur and sea creatures I designed for a Taiwanese client.

Some concepts I did for a Chinese director, who wanted to see how I would design a deranged Lama with tremendous magical powers - I imagine a buddhist monk who dabbled into witchcraft and sorcery.

Some personal work.