Thursday, February 11, 2010

Trion Figure Drawing February 2010

Well, the figure drawing sessions at work are certainly off to a good start this year - finally got myself a portable easel, so I'll be drawing upright again. This month we're introduced DeCoy Gallerina, a professional dancer and a fantastic costumed model.

DeCoy Gallerina,3-5 min poses

DeCoy Gallerina, 20 min pose

You can check out DeCoy Gallerina's video on Youtube.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

I haz returned... with figger drawings!!

Well, it's been a crazy year 2009. Lots of milestones to hit at Trion (and still no mandatory unpaid overtime, unlike some game development studios). As busy as I was with work, I somehow managed to squeeze in extra curricular activities which include my return to training in martial arts and attending drawing workshops. Tough year, but rewarding.

So, here's a few of those drawings, some from the workshops and others from work. I'll post more later from upcoming drawing workshops.

The Minna Gallery regularly hosts live model drawing workshops once every month. The models range from burlesque dancers, stage performers and in this case, Roller Derby girls. It's a pretty casual setting, with a bar where you can get alcoholic beverages and nice music playing in the background. Though it can be a bit loud with the music and all the chatter going on, it's still a nice venue to mingle with fellow artists and meet new people.

I have to admit, the Roller Derby girls were rather "cute" - they've never posed for a drawing class before and standing still for 3-5 minutes on roller skates is mad hard, but I thought they did a good job in maintaining dynamic poses for us.

Next are from Metamorphica, a drawing workshop hosted by the performance troupe Bad Unkl Sista. These models wear amazing costumes and their movements are pretty out of this world, almost like creatures from another planet. I hope to attend the next one.
These selections are from the after hours drawing class at work. These are drawings from "good" models. This past session,we had a particularly fantastic nude model by the name of Katherine Burness. She became an instant favorite and we hope she'll return for more drawing sessions. Hands down, THE best live model I've gotten to draw since moving out here in the Bay area.But first, we have to try out a few more models and compile a list of favorites, which now includes Katherine and another gentleman we had prior to her.

3-5 minute poses, with Katherin Burness.

3-5 minute poses with various female models.

20 minute pose with Katherine Burness. She really liked this one so I gave her a scanned copy, which she put up on her website.

10 minute pose with a 50 year old male nude.

Well, that's all I've got for now. I hope to post more from upcoming drawing classes in the coming weeks.

- Ciao.