Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Best anime series of all times!!

These are some of my favorite anime series of all time. Not listed in any particular order, 'cause they're all awesome (click on the images to link to websites and trailers);

Samurai Champloo
Hip hop in feudal Japan... Sounds pretty out there, but the show works... and it is pretty out there in concept. Either way, it's really enjoyable to watch. The English voice over is really well done and fit the characters. Lots of kinetic action and funny situations, but it also knows to slow down the pace for more intimate moments.
Last Exile
This one caught me by surprise. The overall visual direction of the show was just stunningly beautiful. It's a story about two air couriers ,who get mixed up with two warring nations and later discover the secret of where their people were really from. The time period looks like an alternate 1920's era, on a planet similar to Earth. Highly recommended.
Cowboy Bebop: Remix
A classic, can't miss sci-fi series. All the characters have interesting backstories that slowly come to light as the show progresses. They always seem unable to make ends meet even after collecting a large bounty. The remix version of this series have been remastered in picture and audio. It's been aired on cartoon network on late nites along with Ghost In the shell: Stand Alone Complex and Samurai Champloo.
Ghost In The Shell:Stand Alone Complex
Another great anime sci-fi series from the movie of the same name. The series focuses on Major Kusanagi and her elite oranization called Section 9, which mainly combats cyber terrorism and other anti-government factions. The English voiceover is pretty decent and the musical score is spectacular. After the success of the 1st series, they released S.A.C. 2nd Gig and a new movie called G.I.T.S: Solid State Society. I can only hope they continue making the series.

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